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    February 5C’s Meeting: 2/18/17 at 10:00am at Grand Line Games, 3281 N Decatur Blvd #240! Free to attend, only $12 for a 1 year family membership! Main topic for this meeting is CRX, our very own Commodore Retro Expo! See you there!

    • Hi folks! We are still around and kicking like crazy, and so busy with CRX and everything else I haven’t had much time to get on here to post. To correct the earlier entry, we have changed our dues to $24/year to help with expenses like blank DVD’s, labels, postage ect for out of town members and also other materials for our meetings. Signage, publicity materials and the like. BUT it will be worth it, and we’re constantly trying to better our club and make it a more enjoyable Commodore experience for everyone! Come see us, we are holding our general meetings on the 3rd Saturday of each month! And now we are holding a MeetUp get-together on the first Saturday of each month to show off our favorite wares, software, hardware, demos and new stuff! That’s at Grand Line Games, 3281 N. Decatur #240, and if you need more info email me at and I’ll fill you in on everything happening!

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